What is paraffin therapy?

You must have heard about paraffin therapy these days. But the question is, what is paraffin therapy? Does using paraffin rejuvenate the skin? Paraffin therapy is a type of hot wax treatment. This method is used to relieve pain in the hands, feet, joints and.. It also softens the skin. It makes skins smoother and it’s an anti age and anti wrinkle treatment for hand and feet’s skin.

During paraffin therapy, the wax absorbs heat, and when placed on the surface of the skin, it transfers heat to the affected areas of the skin, increasing blood flow and improving muscle or joint pain in this area, which in addition to soothing results, can relax and smooth the movement of the joints in the ankle area and create a state of life in this area. . It can alsohave a significant effect on increasing nail growth.