Why is good to do pedicure?

Increase blood circulation
Due to the massages that are done in the pedicure process on the soles of the feet and toes, the blood circulation process is improved and also the joints are strengthened and the joint pain is reduced.

Of course, it relaxes the muscles and reduces muscle tension.

Improve nail health
If the pedicure is done professionally and regularly, it will prevent infections and fungi on the skin, and also the nails will not sink into the flesh and will strengthen the nails.

Reduce stress and anxiety
Most wet pedicure steps, including the use of warm water and foot rubs, and the use of herbal and therapeutic oils, cause relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, as well as having a beautiful appearance, which also increases self-confidence.

Softening of feet and skin and remove dry and hard skins
If you do not take care of your feet, you will have dry and cracked skin, which will cause painful wounds and various skin diseases.

Rapid diagnosis of skin problems
When you do pedicures regularly, your pedicurist will also check the health of your feet and let you know if there is a problem, and skin problems will be quicker and easier to treat if diagnosed early.